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Riccione Thermal Baths

Your sensorial awakening very close to the Ala hotel.

Founded during the period of the Roman Empire, the thermal baths in Riccione represent a precious source for the local inhabitants.
The thermal water, rich in hydrogen sulphide, represents a real panacea for the organism.

A five minutes’ walk separates the Ala hotel from the thermal baths, where various therapies are offered: healing inhalations, treatments with mineral water useful for the digestive system, healing muds, massages and physical therapies for the osteoarticular and the muscular systems, and dermatological baths for the skin.


Dedicate yourself a moment of wellness

The Ala hotel is happy to accommodate you during your thermal holiday. The Riccione thermal baths offer therapies for your well-being, but also numerous opportunities to relax and have fun.
The thermal therapies offered by the Riccione thermal baths are aimed to heal rheumatic, vascular and dermatological pathologies, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, in the urinary tract and in the breathing apparatus.


The thermal springs have precious healthy qualities

With a high concentration of sulphurous-saline-bromic-iodic minerals and salts, the spring “Isabella” has detoxifying properties and is perfect for the healing process of oedemas. It is normally recommended to those who suffer from dermatological and osteoarticular ailments.

The spring “Claudia” distinguishes itself because of the presence of sulphur. Its water is well-recommended to people who need to heal the respiratory system and the rhinogenic deafness.
The spring “Celestina” is particularly suitable for hypersensitive patients. Its water helps people regulate the bowel movement, detoxifying the liver. The water also has a purifying, refreshing and toning effect on the organism.
Finally, the spring “Adriana” has a high concentration of minerals and is suitable for the treatment of allergies and skin infection.

Do not miss the chance to dive in these miraculous waters.

At the Riccione thermal baths Isabella, Claudia, Celestina and Adriana will take care of you!


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